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Get your travel planner out for our forty-sixth flight over the Bible from 30,000 Feet. On this flight, Pastor Skip will take us on a tour through the book of John, written by the Apostle John from Ephesus between A.D. 80-90. The spiritual depth of this book and its presentation of the incarnation through the God-man Jesus Christ sets it apart from the other gospels.

Detailed Notes:


The Gospel According to John was written by the Apostle John from Ephesus between A.D. 80-90. It is the most spiritual of all the Gospels, and fully one third of its content is dedicated to the last week of Jesus' life. The spiritual depth of this work sets it apart from the other gospels and its presentation of the incarnation through the God-man Jesus Christ.


27 B.C. 14 A.D.
The Roman Empire is ruled by Caesar Augustus

c. 5 B.C.
Birth of John the Baptist

c. 5 B.C.
Birth of Jesus Christ

c. 30 A.D.
Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

c. 80-90 A.D.
From Ephesus, John writes his gospel


John 20:31 states the purpose of the Gospel According to John, "But these things have been written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that, by believing, you might have life in His name." John presents Jesus claim to deity through seven miraculous signs that lead up to the Resurrection and seven "I AM" statements which the hearers would have understood as Jesus claim to equality with God. John sets forth the miracles of Jesus as proof of His messiahship and not solely as acts of mercy. John uses many colorful terms to describe Jesus as the Bread of Life, the Light of the World, The Good Shepherd, the Truth, the Way, the Life, and the Vine.


Bethany A small town on the east slope of the Mount of Olives that was home to Lazarus, Martha and Mary

Bethsaida A city in Galilee on the northeast coast of the Sea of Tiberias (Sea of Galilee).

Galilee The northwest providence of Palestine. It was fifty by twenty-five miles in area. It was one of the places that was prominent in Christ's ministry.

Jerusalem Known as "David's City," it is the "holy city" for three great world religions: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. The capital city of Israel.

River Jordan - It begins at Mount Hermon, flows through the Sea of Galilee to its end in the Dead Sea.


Jesus - the Word of God who came into the world, fully God and fully man.

John the Baptist - He was the forerunner of Jesus Christ. He was related to Jesus; their mothers were cousins. He was imprisoned by Herod Antipas and eventually beheaded.

The Disciples - Peter, Andrew, James, John, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew, James, Thaddeus, Simon, and Judas Iscariot. These men were chosen by Jesus to aid in His earthly ministry.

Mary - The sister of Lazarus who believed Jesus and anointed Him before His death.

Martha - The sister of Lazarus and Mary. She is known for her hospitality. Her faith in Jesus grew when He raised her brother from the dead.

Lazarus - Jesus friend whom He raised from the dead.

Pilate - Roman governor who ordered the crucifixion of Jesus.

Mary Magdalene - The first person to see Jesus after His resurrection.


John refers to himself as "the disciple whom Jesus loved."

Tradition states that during the persecution of Christians under Domitian, John was taken to Rome and thrown into boiling oil which had no power to hurt him. He survived miraculously.

John was exiled by Domitian to the isle of Patmos, where he wrote the book of Revelation.

John was the Theologian; Matthew was the teacher, Mark the storyteller, and Luke the Historian.

Over 90% of the content of the Gospel of John is original to his Gospel and not found in the Synoptic Gospels.