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Flight Plan:

Get your travel planner out for our fifty-first flight over the Bible from 30,000 Feet. On this flight, Pastor Skip will take us on a tour through the book of Galatians, a clear letter to the church in Galatia about the importance of remembering grace through faith and not the law. Paul's forceful letter addresses issues of legalism in the church and the false gospel of works. The key chapters to review are Galatians 1-6.

Detailed Notes:


This book is the only letter of Paul specifically addressed to a number of churches. It is a classic statement of the doctrine of justification by grace through faith, written to counter false teachers who believed a person must keep the Jewish law in order to be right with God.† Like the epistle to the Romans, Galatians has played a strategic role in the history of the Christian church. Both Martin Luther and John Wesley recorded the crucial impact of this epistle on their lives.


c. 41 A.D.
Claudius becomes the Roman emperor.

c. 47 A.D.
Paulís first missionary journey

c. 50 A.D.
Paul begins his second Missionary Journey

c. 57 A.D.
Paul writes Galatians


The book of Galatians has been called the "Magna Carta of Christian liberty." It addresses problems raised by the oppressive theology of certain Jewish legalizers who had caused some of the believers in Galatia to trade their freedom in Christ for bondage to the law. Paul writes this forceful epistle to do away with the false gospel of works and demonstrate the superiority of justification by grace through faith. Paul defends the gospel and his apostleship, then teaches about the differences between law and grace, and finally explains practical applications.


Galatia - At the time of Paul's visits and writing it was a Roman province in what is known today as Turkey.

Antioch, Iconium, Lystra, and Derbe - Cities of Galatia where Paul started churches.

Arabia - Generally, the desert area south and east of Palestine. Paul spent time there after his conversion.

Cilicia - Another Roman province just to the south of Galatia; part of present-day Turkey.


Judaizers - A party of Jewish Christians in the early church. They adopted Jewish religious practices or sought to influence others to do so.


Paul and Peter's disagreement - In Galatians, Paul tells the story of his confrontation with Peter concerning Jewish Christians not eating with Gentile Christians.

The name "Galatians" was given to this Celtic people because they originally lived in Gaul before they migrated to Asia Minor.